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Super Villain in the Making

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Have you ever wondered if Darth Vader’s parents looked at him and said, “Uh oh. He might grow up to be an evil overlord?” Or maybe Lex Luthor’s parents saw him and said, “Someday, our son might become an evil Mr. Clean?” Well, after what happened today, I can’t help but look at my two year old and say, “Is this a future Cat Woman or Poison Ivy?” OR, maybe she’ll grow up to be an anti-hero.

OH, stop with your judging! Every parent at some point in time stops and says, “WHOA! That was a little evil maneuver my kiddo just pulled!” Now, this wasn’t actually evil. It was funny and made me laugh. And that means I have to share it with you. This story also has an element that shows that I’m not a COMPLETELY awful mother. You’ll see what I mean. With no further ado, here is the story that has made me question Lucy’s potential comic book villainhood/anti-herodom:

Lucy swooped in and took Madeline’s seat and refused to move. Then, she got up and stole Madeline’s cup of water. She had a mischievous grin, and stood in front of Madeline waving the cup around. She was taunting her sister, waiting for the inevitable emotional break.

At this point in time, it became obvious that Lucy has the groundwork set to be a super villain or an anti-hero (think a g-rated Deadpool). I scooped Lucy up and set her in her highchair. Then it happened, Madeline channeled her inner mother and said, “Lucy disappointed me.”

Yep. One child was being a stubborn sprite, and the other was being 100% mature and handled the situation better than most adults. For this, I am proud.

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