Life in the Kids’ Lane

Pro-Tip: Never let the the kids run amok.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I’m just sharing some awesome info. I did not get paid for my opinions or get any kickbacks.

Things have been extremely busy since I started on the freelance journey with three kids. School has started, for two of the kids and myself, work has been increasing, and of course my attempts to stay sane have been successful some days and futile the next.

I recently had one of my pieces posted on a site called Mom Fuel Empire. I found out about the site through a networking group, and I’m so glad that I did. They gave me a platform to discuss what it’s like to parent with IBS-D, share some tips, and learn tips to keep myself calm so stress and anxiety don’t wreak havoc on my tummy. You can read my post here.

If you get stressed out or need tips, Amy from Mom Fuel Empire has set up a very affordable course ($25!) to help other moms cope with holiday anxiety. She’s set up the course in three sections that will help you to come up with a plan to utilize your time, so you don’t stress about the holiday prep. And two other sections that cover coping with family, in-laws, gifts, etc. without losing your marbles.

In the future, I plan to post more actual blogs here, but sometimes life gets in the way. School, work, kids, and crying in the shower occasionally take precedent over my ability to blog. However, I’m coming up with a new organization system for myself that will allow me some more personal writing time.

With that said, it’s time to get back to school and work. Oh and prep for Halloween!

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