Sometimes I actually look put together.

I know that a lot of “about me” sections are written in the third person, but that just didn’t feel right for me. I’m not one for the third person, unless I’m mocking someone. And I’ll save mockery for my writing!

I grew up in Kansas, where I enjoyed swimming in lakes, going on adventures hunting for frogs, and dreaming of moving to California to be a pro-surfer. When I finally moved to California, I learned that sharks are VERY real and that “Jaws” very well could be a documentary. So instead I focused my energy on trips to Disneyland, performing at comedy open mics, and working in television. Then I fell in love with an out-of-stater, gave up Hollywood for love, moved to the desert of Washington state, somehow ended up in Pennsylvania, where I now spend my days covered in spit up and yelling at my kids to stop yelling.

I occasionally get paid to write and proofread for people.

I love my diaper filled life!